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Why Give?



There’s a beauty in giving, for one feels like they have reinvigorated their life, be it in a small way and as per the law of universe the more one donates, the more one receives. One need not be rich to give something back to the society, rather one must have been through the tough times to know the luxury of giving.

The philanthropist’s queries

Every human has a philanthropic side in them and when an average charitable-minded person looks out to donate, there’s a number of question that is evident to pop up in their mind.

  • Firstly, where do I do the charity?
  • Secondly, what do I donate?
  • And finally, how do I do it?

Apart from these, there are another set of ambiguity in the mind of the donor which eventually hinders their idea of giving, which is if the donation is reaching to the rightful receiver and is the NGO that is taking the accountability a trusted one.

The other side of the coin.

This was from the donor’s shoes and looking from the NGO’s perspective, there are a lot of people in the world who have a magnanimous personality but they aren’t able to find the kind of NGO they would want to donate to. They seem to be concealed under this enormous gap. The NGO’s are not able to tap into the donor’s community. One realizes this gap only when they get onto the field.

Mission Happieesouls

So, our mission at Happieesouls is to plug-in the huge gap between donor and its rightful receiver. Happieesouls is a search and discovery platform for all the NGO’s near you. In this busy schedule of our life, it’s predicament for one to take some time out and get to the needy in person, we at Happieesouls provide a platform to do that at your fingertips and savor the impact that one has created.

Join the mission @happieesouls

  • The Donor

An individual, a family can look out for the in-kind supplies they would like to donate to a verified NGO on our portal.

  • The NGO

The NGO can get listed on our platform and make a bucket list of all the necessary items and receive in-kind donations.

Questions answered!

At Happieesouls, we thrive to ease the process of giving. The answer for a philanthropist’s when, where and how is here at Happieesouls. We have set out to bring a change initially at the local level and eventually spreading the aura nationwide. We envision to find every donor his NGO and get all the authentic NGO’s in India listed on our platform.


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